about me..

if you are here, you may want to know a little more about me… well maybe, if not  – click away now.

who am i?

my name is tash and

i am a child of God

wife to a legend (he told me to write this..)

mother to three terrifically independent, spontaneous children

carer of a labrador

only daughter to my mum and dad

housekeeper to a house that never proclaims it is at it’s best – but it is a home

friend to some women who love op-shopping and cups of tea as much as me

so what do i love?

my vegie and herb garden

cooking and baking


op-shopping and garagesaling (is that a word ?  it should be..)

my ugg boots and my trackies that i have had for as long as i can remember

taking photos


my fabric cupboard which promises me that one day, when i have time, i can sit down and sew till the cows come home

the playgroup that i run at church and all the women and children involved


girly novels


what don’t i love so much?

scary movies

scorching australian summer days

sand and dog hair in my house

people who don’t give back

scrapbooking – please, someone explain that to me.

Lately I have tried to put more boundaries in my life.  Less Facebook, less time on the phone having pointless conversations.  More time doing the things that will count in the long run.  God, family and friends.

the only suitable recent photo of me (that’s what you get when you take all the photos) and the little kid on a recent camping trip

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