photo a day – June

You may have seen these before.  Chantelle over @ Fat Mum Slim (the first time I saw that I thought it read “Fat Muslim….???) sets the challenge once a month and this month I decided I would join in.  It combines three of my favourite things: photos, instagraming and my family.  This month I started on day two – why don’t you join in as well?  My instagram profile name is “familyofive”.  Here are my photos from day two to thirteen.

day two – empty – my awesome typo cup i bought in canberra last year

day three – on your plate – what was in my thermomix bowl; banana smoothie ingredients

day four – close-up – iceberg rose in my garden

day five – sign – road sign

day six – hat – the young man wearing grandad’s french beret last year for international day at school

day seven – drink – my zero teapot that always gets a good work out

day eight – six o’clock – missed six o’clock in the morning, so captured it in the evening, well almost

day nine   – your view today – on my way home from subiaco (st georges terrace perth)

day ten – best bit of your weekend – baking for after church; this week was thermomix scones

day eleven – door – my dryer which was getting a really good workout. thanks rain

day twelve – from a low angle – my basil plants.  must make pesto soon

day thirteen – art – my first painting i ever bought.  yallingup beaches


Hi there! Nice to see you! Let me know what you think.

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