Photo a day: June instalment two

day 15 – yellow – a yellow cup at playgroup

day 16 – out and about – going into Leederville with the family and some friends for sushi

day 17 – in your bag – not much, trying to cull what I lug around

day 18  – something we don’t know about you – I am a cook book snob

day 19 – imperfect – my lemon tree :(

day 20 – fave photo ever taken – the two girls

day 21 – where you slept – note the lovely feminine bed spread..

day 22 – from a high angle – my little puglet at school – I was her relief teacher today

day 23 – movement – cars on the freeway on our way to get some lunch on saturday

day 24 – on your mind – dreaming of camping

day 25 – something cute – the dogus on the couch – usually a no no

day 26 – where you shop – online.  and I know I shouldn’t.  it’s too easy to press that confirm button

Only a few days to go.  Chantelle @ fatmumslim has posted a new list for July see it here …… will I join? probably


Hi there! Nice to see you! Let me know what you think.

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