Spooky @ St Mary’s

After dinner in Chinatown on Saturday night with just the girls, I took them past St Mary’s Cathedral in Perth for a quick squizz.  We had been there once before to have a look and that time it wasn’t open. On Saturday night mass was in full swing,  and so we slipped into one of the back pews.  The Puglet was not too impressed at “going to church on a Saturday night you said we were getting dessert mum” and asked whether she “would have to go again tomorrow?”  I assured her that yes, she would get dessert at home, she would be going tomorrow and this didn’t classify as “church” but rather just a “look”.  hmmmm….

It’s a spectacular building, which has recently been refurbished and doubled in size.  From one side it looks like a traditional cathedral and from the other it looks like a modern church building or art gallery.  Inside it is an amazing feast for the eyes; stain glass windows, arches, huge pipe organ –  very different to the church buildings I worship in.  After listening to a few hymns and a bit of a sermon, we decided that we had seen enough and walked out.  I took a photo of the girls in front of one of the windows.  I love the Puglet’s expression.  

On the way home we had a great discussion about why we don’t go to that church and what the difference is between “that church” and “our church”.

My family belongs to a Free Reformed Church, and we use a “reformed style of worship” you can read about that here.  The differences between the Roman Catholic church and ours?  It’s succinctly stated here.  There is a great App available if you are interested in the Reformed Faith called Reformed Outfitters.


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