Breathing in and out: Our Asthma Kid

It all started when she was nine months old.  The hospital visits that is.

First it was a four-day stay for a bout of Rotavirus at nine months, then countless trips for “bronchiolitis and croup” which we found out later was Asthma all along, plus an operation to fix a hernia.  For the past three years we average about five overnight stays per year because of her asthma.  Let’s not forget all the holes in her head either.  She’s had her chin glued and stitched TWICE (And the good part about that – according to the doctor? Her scars lined up!) as well as two gashes on her head stitched.  Accident prone? Yes.  Would I wrap her in cotton wool, keep her inside, off play equipment, bikes, cubby houses and skate boards?  No way.  She’s our Paigey.  Full of beans.  Full of life.  Never complains about being sick or not being able to breathe.  Never complains about having a drip put in, or having to swallow more of that dreadful Pred, or having nurses wake her up in the middle of the night every hour to check her PulseOx measurements.

She’s exuberance on legs – Just with the added feature of Asthma.

This afternoon we came home again from another over night stay in hospital.  She’s fine now, just a bit of a cough and snotty nose, but the steroids are doing their thing.  Right now she’s getting her “holiday nails” done by her big sister and her lungs are doing what they are meant to do.  Breathe.

Thankful to our Heavenly Father for being able to the simple things in life.  Like tucking her into….. her own bed!

Just a few pics of hospital visits in the life of Paige.

a. 4 years old – Hernia Operation
b. Asthma – getting her allergies tested.  Collapsed lung.
c. Asthma. Hospital visit on the way up north.  Picked up by an ambulance on the side of the road. (Photo taken just as we are leaving Jurien Bay Hospital)
d. Asthma, pneumonia.
e. Asthma brought on by all the lovely bush fires in February this year
f. Yesterday. Asthma.  Finally succumbed to the flu that has gone around the school.  

Ps 139 Print from here.


3 thoughts on “Breathing in and out: Our Asthma Kid

  1. oh poor paigey … i actually thought of you a week or two back when the spud had pnemonia – how do you cope with the whole ‘i can’t breathe thing’ you feel so helpless … i had to go through it once and i hated it … guess it does teach you to rely on God and pray a lot x all the best paigey!

    • Paige is getting better with the whole knowing what the signs are. If she ever gets panicky we go straight to the hospital. Also, knowing that you can’t ever over-dose on Ventolin helps. Knowing that God is always in control is sometimes all that gets you through! Hope the girls stay well for the next few weeks! Your mum told me at church how unwell Spud was – poor thing!

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