Photo a day July Week 1

As I had so much fun just trying to complete June, I’m doing July as well.  Follow along on my Instagram profile “familyofive”.

day 1 – self-portrait.  Yerghhhhh…

day 2 – busy.  another load of washing to fold. thankfully my kids help with the putting away bit.

day 3 – best part of your day – calling the kids inside.  chores, homework, dinner then bed.

day 4 – fun – going through a $2 bag of craft stuff from the opshop.

day 5 – on the floor – major lego construction going on in the study/gamesroom at the moment.

day 6 – chair – Lachlan’s work in progress.  i found it on the side of the road.  painted mission brown.  he has sanded and sanded now he has to decide on a stain (hence the brown patch)

day 7 – garden – succulents in my mum’s garden.

Week 2 promises to be interesting as we are officially on Winter school holidays and we have decided to do a bit of a Multicultural Craft project.  The kids are in charge of what country we do each day.  Tomorrow: Japan.  Sushi has been requested for dinner.  And I was going to make lasagna.  Maybe Italy on Tuesday?


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