Holiday Project: Japan

Craft: Block-painting – with inspiration from here.

All you need is:

foam trays  – well washed and dried so there’s no meat nasties

a pen or pencil to draw your design


cartridge paper or card (I use sketchbook paper)

a roller

& a tray or plate to put your paint in.


Step 1.

Cut out a shape of foam

Step 2.

Draw a design on your foam.

Step 3.

Spread paint on foam with a roller (you could use a paint brush)

Step 4.

Transfer your print to paper.  Rub all over and pull off gently.

Step 5.

Allow to dry and then let your kids make fruit prints out of the leftover paint…. as mine did with apples and lemons.

Step 6.

Think about what you will use your prints for!

 henna design by Keeks, butterfly by Paige and lion by Lachy.

To have a look at some REAL Japanese block-painting go here.

  (Ok, he’s not Japanese, but it’s very impressive!)

What’s for dinner tonight?

Sushi, Udon Noodles with beef and vegies, edamame beans and chicken buns (Chinese, but it’s still culture and I am going to use my thermomix Varoma for the first time!!!)

Ps.  My kids HAVE cleaned their grotty fingernails since this morning.  They’ve been busy making a garden in what was once the sandpit under their cubby house.


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