Thermomix Recipe: Playdough

Easy peasy in a Thermo! Here’s the recipe.

250g water
100g cooking salt
1tbsp cream of tartar
250g plain flour
10g cooking oil (olive oil is fine)

Your choice of  food colouring (how much you use will depend on how vibrant you want your dough)

Put water, food colouring, salt and cream of tartar in TM bowl and heat for 5 mins at 60 deg on speed 3.
Add flour and mix for 40 seconds or until mixture combined and thick. Leave to cool
Set dial to closed lid position.
Add the oil and knead for 1-2 minutes on interval speed.

Ta da!  Fresh play-dough.

Photo taken by the talented Jo at a playgroup session early this year.  The hands? They’re Jacks!


2 thoughts on “Thermomix Recipe: Playdough

  1. oh yeah … i need this … will be using this recipe for sure THANKYOU! I suck big time at making play dough everyone always says its easy but i always fail …

    • Do you have a Thermo? If not, just drop BIG hints and I’ll make some. Made some this morning again for playgroup! It was still warm when the kids got to play with it. Plus- play-dough is very therapeutic for adults too :)

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