Awesome first week of school holidays.  Paigey is on the mend – she needs to take more daily meds which is a pity, but hopefully they will help in the long run.  Holiday project has been a lot of fun – stay posted for a Holland inspired craft….. waiting till it dries.  There have been lots of cups of tea, sorting out of wardrobes and drawers, rearranging of furniture (I do that a lot when Rob is away) and watching old movies (well, they are old in my kids eyes..)

Thankful to God for so many blessings this week.  Most of all thankful for His never-failing care for those I love.  Read this twice this week with the kids:  Psalm 121

  • added to Lachy’s marble collection – new orange jar, new marbles.
  • the boys playing golf on the wii.  Why REAL golf clubs have to come out I don’t know?
  • cleaning and sorting through wardrobes this week.  The boy has shot up so much this year.
  • my almost rainbow of cardigans.  Will be looking for an orange one to complete the palette.
  • painting giant pinecones the kids found at Nyamup .  What have I started?
  • it was glorious in Perth yesterday.  All the sheets, blankets, quilts and teddies got a wash.
  • dinner from my wonderful parents.  Lamb shanks… 

Hi there! Nice to see you! Let me know what you think.

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