Perfect Pancakes

Pancakes have always been a favourite with the kids for breakfast.  This might have something to do with that they were given REAL Canadian Maple syrup from Aunty Bren when she came back from Canada- by the litre!  Pancakes were the standard fare for Friday mornings while the kids were smaller, back in the days when there was less to  get ready before school.  Things have changed, but as a treat I make them often on the weekends.

I’ve given the recipe with weight measurements in both cups and grams – so that it’s easy to use with a Thermomix.  Couldn’t believe the TMX cookbook had no pancake recipe in it!! The pikelet one is quite good though!

Perfect Pancakes


1 cup (160gr) Self Raising Flour

1 cup (160gr) Plain Flour

2 cups (440gr) full cream milk

pinch salt

2 large eggs (free range…think of the chickens!)

1 tsp sugar

Regular Method

Combine all ingredients into a bowl (or blender) and mix well until no lumps appear.

Allow to sit for at least 1/2 hour.

Use butter, marg or oil (spray) to grease fry pan on a medium heat.

Heap a ladle full (make them as big as you like) into pan – wait for bubbles to appear and then flip.

Thermo Method

Combine all in the THM bowl and blitz on Speed 5 for a few seconds.

Scrape down sides with your spatula and then blitz again till you see no lumps.

Allow to sit for 1/2 and then pour straight from the bowl :)

Our favourite toppings?

Maple Syrup

Golden Syrup

Brown sugar

Castor sugar and lemon juice…

& Nutella!


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