Vintage Snapshot: Bibles

It was a while ago that I began to collect old Bibles.

Not just any old Bibles, but those with a family history.

So far I have seven:

  • Gideon Bible from my mum when she was a teenager.  I should ask her where she got it from… there is an address in the back in her handwriting “39 Vincent Street, Christies Beach SA”  Wonder who’s that is??
  • Dutch Bible/Psalter from my dad.  It was given to him on his 17th birthday, when he lived in Waddinxveen, Groningen, The Netherlands.
  • A Dutch Bible/Psalter Hymnal from Rob’s Oma. It has little notes of phone numbers and a card with her optical prescription tucked into it.  Probably for safe keeping – and knowing how clear of mind she was up until her passing – she probably knew EXACTLY where they were.
  • A Dutch Bible from my Opa P – no dates – just their address from Wungong Rd – so my mum might be able to date it.
  • A 1972 edition of the Genevan Psalter we use in church today.  It’s originally from Oma Olde – her name has been crossed out and Rob has written his name.
  • A King James Version gifted to my mum from my dad in 1970 when she did her Profession of Faith.
  • A Dutch Bible and Psalter from Opa R.  In the front cover is the saying in Dutch “The strength of the Church lies in the local church.  The strength of the local church lies in the belief of its members.”

I have two others in the small collection.  One from an old teacher of mine, and one that I found in an op-shop.  The op-shop one is from the 1930’s, given to a local Baptist Church in South Australia at the opening of their new church building.  The Church doesn’t exist anymore, and the lady who presented it died in the 1950’s, but writing this has made me think that I should try to find some more information about it…

Isaiah 40:8 

The grass withers, the flower fades,
    but the word of our God will stand forever.

Been listening to this.

Looking forward to this.  Third year in a row, and I know I will not be disappointed.

Read this.  A bit of humour about Sunday mornings and how to avoid the rush!



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