{grateful: for moments with tea}

I can understand how tea drinking is a big part of cultural life in some countries.  It’s a big part of mine. I start my day off with two, and then usually have one in the afternoon, and then one after dinner. These usually go cold, I have to warm them up in the microwave (yes, shock, horror) and because I am usually busy with something, the cup is usually sculled in a most un-ladylike way.

It’s the cups of tea you have with your mum or your friends that you savour the most.  The ones that signify the beginning of a good heart to heart, or just an excuse to have a well deserved break from the daily chores.

I’m grateful for these moments, especially the ones in the last few weeks.  They managed to crop up at just the right moment.  Right when I needed them the most.

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. 

~ C.S. Lewis

Linking up with Maxabella for 52 weeks of grateful.

Photo taken at Peninsula Tea Rooms in Maylands.  High tea with friends over looking the Swan River.  Experience it if you have a chance.

Where have you had high tea? Or where would you like to have high tea?


5 thoughts on “{grateful: for moments with tea}

  1. I love High Tea, especially the fine china, little cakes, sweets and dainty finger sandwhiches. I’ve had High Tea at the Hydro Majestic in the Blue Mountains, NSW (which has since closed down) it was a lovely experience, and the Loft in Darling Harbour, NSW. I’d love to have High Tea in the Tea Rooms in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building.

    I have visited over from the Grateful blog hop :)

  2. Those cups of Tea are the most special and savoured, the rest are always rushed and cold. I have a tea date scheduled for tomorrow, just in time.

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