Instamix #2 and a birthday preview


// mitred granny square // scavenger hunt for the kids at the park (read into this – the injuns were getting restless and the mums had things to catch up on, so great way to get them out of your hair!!) // holiday bible club – so well organised, i take my hat off to the awesome leaders // keeki made pj pants on her own // punky brewster – you have to be vintage to remember this // flowers from a friend who can read my moods so well, and knows when i need a pick me up  // this kid is getting tall – a few more inches and she’ll be looking Rob in the eye // my whale. japanese ceramics – unfortunately a few too many seagulls have pooed on his head //

we wrapped presents, unwrapped presents.  made custard sponge cakes, iced sponge cakes and then ate said sponge cakes.

wrapped pass the parcel, the kids unwrapped pass the parcel.  lolly jars will filled, silver trays piled high with fab macarons and after not a crumb in sight.

beetroots roasted masterchef style and blitzed with herbs, spices and yogurt, served with crackers and then enjoyed by those not scared of bright purple food.

mini yacht club style chicken buns were assembled with love and later devoured with more love.

all in all a great afternoon tea with family and friends to celebrate the ongoing life of a super little big girl.

we give thanks to God for preserving her life throughout the past year.

next week I’ll post recipes for:

the most delicious custard sponge cake you have ever tasted

yacht club style chicken mini rolls

masterchef style beetroot dip

oh, we had a plate full of red velvet cupcakes – but the dog ate most of them.  apparently they were delicious.  he had cream cheese frosting on his chin.


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