Recipe: The best Custard Sponge you will ever taste….

We have a family tradition that on your birthday you can choose ANY type of cake for your party.  The Paiglet loves sponge cakes, and loves anything coffee flavoured (Rob has an upincoming coffee buddy inthemaking!) her favourite desert is…drumroll please people….Tiramasu! But knowing some of the little peeps might not have been too impressed with that choice of birthday cake, I went with custard sponge with mocha cream.  (excuse the crappy job I did with the cream..)

It’s one of my favourite cakes and it brings back great memories of being at an Aunty’s place where we were always thoroughly spoilt.  This is her recipe.

Custard Sponge

Pre heat oven to 180 deg Celsius (fan forced)

Grease two round cake tins.  I use the springform, and I put baking paper on the bottom and spray the sides.


5 eggs (room temperature… and yes, use free rangeys!)

3/4 cup castor sugar

1/2 tea spoon bicarb soda

1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

1 cup custard powder (if you are in Aus – try to get the Full Cream brand…the best as it is nice and vanillary)


Separate eggs.  Beat egg whites in mixer until fluffy and stiff.  Keep your mixer going on high and add each egg yolk, one at a time.  Keep the mixer going :) and add the castor sugar one tablespoon at a time.  Add the bicarb and cream of tartar while the mixer is still going.  You get the drift?  It’s all about keeping those little air bubbles in ze egg mixture!

NOW turn your mixer off.  Sift the custard powder into the mixture and fold, ever so gently, with a spatula.  (I “dig” to the bottom and lift up, doing figure eight motions with the spatula)

Your batter should now be very yellow and light and fluffy.

Pour into the two baking dishes and put into the oven.

Bake for 15-20 minutes.

The sponge will be cooked when the top springs back when you touch it.  This will depend on your oven.

Turn out onto a drying rack immediately.

Spread on some cream and scatter on some strawberries…. or lather with mocha cream and sandwich with Nutella (Paigey’s favourite too!)

Consume with loved ones.

Delly Belly doing a mighty good job of polishing hers off!


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