Vintage Snapshot: Hatpins

Before there was this pinning passion, there was this pinning passion.

One trip to an antique and collectors fair got me hooked  – or should I say pinned….hardy har har. That t’was the day I decided that collecting something would be nice and concluded that it shouldn’t be anything too big like this or bizarre like this (admit it, you clicked and can you believe how chuffed she looks with her collection – she is positively glowing…) so I went with hatpins.  I didn’t know anything about them, but I knew that they were small enough to keep a collection to a manageable size.

And then I went to more fairs, more antique shops and now I do indeed have a collection.

The one that means the most to me? The pearl one, fourteenth from the left.  It was my oma’s.

I have some that are repro’s (that’s pinning speak for “fakies”) and some modern pins, but they aren’t shown.

My oldest pin?  That would be the silver plated one, thirteenth from the left.

Want to know more about hatpins?  I know you do – for that go here or if you want to join the Australian Hat Pin Society, you can’t, there isn’t one – but move to America and you can fill out an application form and they’ll get back to you.  Who knows, maybe there’s a waiting list.



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