{Grateful for: giving Facebook the almost flick}

If you have perused my “about me” page, you’d see that I have tried to cut down on my Facebook usage.  You might be asking “How’s that going for ya?”

Well,  let me explain the extent of my addiction to the little fb.  (that’s short for Facebook and for the entirety of this post, that is how it shall be known.  Oh and this gets quite deep – so feel free to pour yourself a good red..)

I got a friend request to join fb from someone about four years ago.  As I didn’t really know how fb worked, I didn’t go on it a lot – and with only a few friends – it’s actually quite boring.  As time went on, I got more friends, became more fb savvy and slowly but surely I was sucked into the great mindless void that is fb.   You know when you get up in the morning and the first thing you do is check your account, or when you NEED to have the app on your phone, or when you get miffed that you didn’t get tagged in a particular photo… you know it is time to call it quits.  But I didn’t.  The friends number crept up.  I became friends of people who I didn’t speak to regularly – but I knew when their child was constipated.  To people who wouldn’t normally say hello when you passed them on the street, or at church  – but  I knew that they had a birthday party for little sally*and aunty X* made a wonderful cake in the shape of a pony.  Which is really great  – but did I need to know that?

I know I have written my fair share of mindless drivel (love that word..) I had my dummy spits when friends wrote the word “yous” in their posts (no, it is not a word!) I sent private messages to those who I thought needed some of my wisdom, in a more private forum.  But I kept my account  and maybe on the rare occasion would I drop the odd person who annoyed me too much.

There was too much judging of other people, and not enough inward focussed self-evaluation.  It took a post by a good friend to make me see what I was doing.  That same day it took someone else who I see on an almost daily basis,  to make me realise that they were depending on fb to communicate with me.  That day I had a light-bulb moment.  That day I took a stand.

 I started by deleting all my fb friends who live close by.  I deleted everyone who never really reciprocated the “friendship”.  I deleted people who I see on a regular basis – yes, those who I worked with, those that I am friends with and yes, even family members.  Shock, horror!  It has been the topic of some school yard discussion – but I feel LIBERATED people.  I have my life back with my select little group of friends that I don’t see all the time.   I don’t go onto fb a lot now.  Maybe once or twice a week.

I am grateful for that.  Spending more time getting back into blogging has been an absolute joy.  Learning to use Photoshop and Illustrator has been a challenge, but a lot of fun.

I could never say that I was ever grateful for fb.  Can you?  How much tedious information do you have in your mind everyday from all those seemingly harmless status updates?

*name changed to protect identities.

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photo of the keeks and the dog. she’d love it if we said to her “ok, he can sleep on your bed.” the blur to the right is the paiglet who doesn’t ever stand still..

back to watching the Olympics.  apparently some guy just fell off the parallel bars.


12 thoughts on “{Grateful for: giving Facebook the almost flick}

  1. I’ve never been much of a FB fan myself, way too many people on there that I don’t want to keep up-to-date with what I’m up to. So I only log in to go to some private groups I’ve joined (including a writing group) or if someone sends me a private message. Deleting most of them would probably make it more enjoyable for me, but then I do want to be able to find my ex-boss in case i need a reference,.. so I might just keep it as is.

  2. Nice to meet you, Tash!

    I have a fb (whenever I see that abbreviation for some reason my head thinks ‘fat bastard’ rather than ‘facebook’, but I digress) page for my blog that I throw some stuff up on occasion. I follow other blogs via fatbastard too, so I guess I only really use it for blogging. I’d much prefer to get to know someone via their blog than via their drivel on fb.


  3. I personally think it all comes down to what and how you use facebook … for example fb was great when it came to quick updates and our blog great for lengthier updates about Miss T … we reached a larger audience and only had to repeat ourselves once! But on a whole, I do agree that we could all benefit from less fb screen time and more meaningful communication with friends & family

    • definitely Tamala! The posts you did were great to keep everyone informed. I do think however, that sometimes we know too much about too many people. hear, hear to your last sentence!

  4. Love the honest post Tash, fb can be a tricky thing sometimes! For me it’s an invaluable way to keep in touch with family and friends who don’t live nearby, and as a stay at home mum to young kids I admit I do enjoy the social aspect at times :-) I think the key is to not let it take over your life, thankfully the app on my phone is terrible so I am forced to limit my fb activity to home only!

  5. I just sent you an email … I guess I should comment instead … i agree with what everyone says :) I like facebook cause I’m over here and everyone else is over there … I like blogs better though and they seem to take up much more of my time … YAY for photoshop and illustrator – all the best with mastering those apps … now i have to go off and find your ‘about me’ page :)

  6. Love it. Agree and applaud. I avoided FB like the plague for years and years. It was only in 2010 that I finally created an account. And now the reasons why I stayed away for so long are the same reasons making me want to leave! I used to think, “but it isn’t really REAL!! No-one’s ACTUALLY talking, it’s all just mindless rushed commenting! Where’s the CONNECTION!!” Haha. Then I joined. And a few months later my little boy got sick, really sick. I was stuck far from home, in Lismore alone in a strange hospital while my youngest underwent surgery and wow, FB was amazing in that it allowed my family and friends to reach out with love, comfort and prayers for me and my family. Sure, a real live person with a warm hug and a cuppa would have been better, but ever since then I’ve been grateful for the GOOD ways in which FB can bring people together and can be a helpful medium that people can communicate with. It’s addictive though, and I’m aware that I could get too carried away! I only just set up my blog FB page, because I wanted to engage more with my readers in a more ‘day to day’ manner, and in a more real way, ie. let’s talk about what we’re having for dinner, rather than just the hefty topics I might be blogging about. Glad to know I’m not alone in my love/hate relationship with FB!

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