Favourite Weekend Snap Link Up!

After doing the photo a day challenge every day for the last two months, I decided to take a break and just do one a week.

And as I always post my favourite weekend photo – I thought how about making that a link up challenge?

So, come and join the link up party.

All you need to do is blog your favourite weekend photo every Monday (the link will be open till Wednesday every week), insert the image above and link it to here (where all the links will be!)

After you have posted your photo, click on the link below and follow the instructions.  Easy as that!

Look forward to seeing your photos every week!

Use the tag “favouriteweekendsnap” for your blog post or on Instagram.

Click the inlinkz blue blob to see the links.

This is my favourite weekend photo:

The Keeks and her book of the day.  Inseparable.  The librarians in her life love her.


3 thoughts on “Favourite Weekend Snap Link Up!

  1. Lovely photo! (I’m not biased) of Keeks with the best hobby.
    Reminds me of a famous painting by Vermeer!
    Your the modern version Keeks….

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