Stencilling with Freezer Paper

Never tried to stencil before in my life, yet I had seen what Bec had created and decided I should bite the bullet and go for it.

First I had to order the freezer paper which I did through Ebay.  It arrived a few days later and then there was no stopping me.

The first thing I stencilled was these two owls – thanks for the design mr Google.

There was to be only going to be one at first – then I decided that I should try a negative of the same design.

It turned out great (although I worked out that I should have watered down the paint a little, and do a second coat after the first had dried.)

The owls have (almost) been turned into a cushion.  I have appliquéd a branch to the bottom of both – I’ll post pics when it’s completed; hopefully tomorrow.

T-shirts: Stencilling with Freezer Paper

The next thing I tried was stencilling t-shirts with the kiddlets.  Big W had $4 cotton tees and so far I am impressed by the quality. The kids chose a design, I chose the size. “No Paigey, an A4 sized rabbit won’t look cute – it’ll look downright feral”.  They printed it out, traced it onto the freezer paper and then it was time for cutting.  An exacto knife and a seven-year old in close proximity was a little heart stopping, but she did well with a bit of help with the rabbit’s ears.  I ironed the design on and the kids painted.  (Bunnings has foam paint applicators for $2 each) I watered down the paint this time to make it thinner which didn’t give the fabric that real “starchy” feel, like my owl cushion has.   Paige’s was a little too watery and it bled a little under the stencil.  But it still looks ok.

Now I only have 12 metres of freezer paper left on my roll.  I will be doing this again and next time the designs will be more intricate.  I’d love to do monogrammed pillows for all the kiddlets.

Crazy kids in their scrumptious t-shirts ;)  terrible photo of the three of them.


5 thoughts on “Stencilling with Freezer Paper

  1. Love the kids t-shirts, reminds me that I must get the freezer paper out again. It’s been too long. Do you know in the US you can buy a fancy machine that can cut out images onto freezer paper (and it also does vinyl too!)…..I will keep dreaming….

  2. Oh this is so cool!! I remember the first time i tried this, i didn’t realise all the tutorials meant AMERICAN freezer paper, very different the Australian version!! I then found it very successful, tee hee. I just wish it was a bit more ‘reusable’, i guess it makes every piece unique & original. As for the fancy machine which cuts out freezer paper, i have one – i can do it with my CriCut which is fantastic, especially as you can size things & use those tiny cut outs in the middle of your shape for more detail. I screen print with it all the time. Happy creating & tee hee about posting early, i love it, KEEN!! Not too late to try a cooking challenge, love Posie

    • thanks Posie! I was thinking the same about re-using. I guess you could if it got a chance to dry well inbetween. Silk screening is great for multiples though – might invest in one. With the CriCut – can you do your own designs from your computer and then cut them out? Or do you have to use all their cartridges? And yes – I might give something a go this weekend that I have stuffed up before – macarons maybe?? or pavlova – I have three dozen eggs in the fridge from the school farm to get through asap! Love your blog btw! so down to earth :) Tash

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