Favourite Weekend Snap {Link Up}

Saturday I was out most of the day at a Women’s Conference.   Apart from doing the washing, the grocery shopping, feeding the kids and hanging up a new pin-up board Rob made this with Lachlan.  I don’t have a good side shot – but I was pretty impressed  that they whipped it up that afternoon.  Now the kids spend all their time on it with their scooters and skate boards.  I tried to get Rob to promise me that HE would take any casualties to the hospital.  He didn’t buy it.  Neither did Paige who asked, “What happens if dad’s in Melbourne?” hmmm.

ps It’s up against the limestone bench so that they can launch themselves off the top. D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R waiting to happen.

pss I think I need to weed the fence.

Link up with your fav weekend snap here.


3 thoughts on “Favourite Weekend Snap {Link Up}

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