hessian sack crafts… ideas anyone??

i was given a box full of ten hessian coffee sacks.

i don’t know what to do with them.

recently i have seen some crafts that use them, but at the moment my mind is drawing a blank.

please help.

maybe some beach bags with contrasting material?

dog bed?

 this book arrived in the mail today.

 we always had a copy, yet for some reason it has gone awol.

if you have little children in the house –

 it’s great for the pre-reader stage.

chicka chicka boom boom!

if you are ever looking for a book and live in Australia –

make sure you check out booko.


6 thoughts on “hessian sack crafts… ideas anyone??

  1. They are really nice bags. Perhaps you could cut them in half and make them into funky hand bags using strips of the same material as the handles or different material? You could sew on buttons or bright flowers to add a bit of colour. I was at a conference on the weekend and the girls were cutting out different sized circles from material (think it may have been chiffon type) and then carefully burning the edges with a candle. Then they sewed the three or four different sized circles (no longer circles because the candle made them shrivel up a bit to look like petals) together to make beautiful flowers. Table runners sound good too. Or even place mats?

    • great ideas, thanks Rachel. I was thinking of getting some fluoro fabrics and make some beach bags for summer. The flower idea may actually work with the hessian as it is like they are coated with something waxy.

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