Favourite Weekend Snap: Paigey and Coral

so we went to the literacy centre open day.

you may have read about that here.

paige and i got to meet coral tulloch for the first time.

chiara met her once before when she was in primary school (that makes her sound ancient of days) and was looking forward to listening to her again.

coral’s talk about the making of her new book was captivating.

although, paige was rather bored. talk of tussocks and dune erosion on macquarie island just didn’t do it for her.

until coral mentioned snot.  and farts.  and something to do with elephant seals. that got her attention!

after that paige listened to every word – waiting for more mentions of snot and farts.

after the talk she came over to sign paige’s copy of “one small island.”

she talked to the girls, engaging them in conversation about books and reading for about ten minutes.

chiara asked her about sydney.  if you don’t know about coral’s sydney go here.

she took the time to talk to my girls and listened to what they had to say.  immediate cred right there.

❀❀❀  ❀❀❀  ❀❀❀  ❀❀❀  ❀❀❀

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