she is always doodling, drawing and creating. her room tells the story #creativekeeks

it was time to plunder the lemon tree.  7 kilos of lemons later, i have bowls of lemons everywhere.  plus i have given away plenty!  these were the two biggest.  probably all rind. #lemonbutteranyone

the shnoofess.  he can be so cute sometimes.  loves laying his head on your lap like a big baby.  i have short term memory loss when it comes to him.  he should be having a permanent time-out for all the naughty things he does.  but i love him, and he is great company when the house is quiet during the day. #spoiltwrottenyoungestkid

new/old coffee table from the op-shop.  love it.  will be painting the insert some pastel colour.  thinking pale teal. #didyouknowiloveopshopping

went door knocking with my local member of parliament.  this homeswest house has been derelict for three years.  young families trying to make a good go of it live right next door and unable to sell their newly renovated house because of it. i posted this with the line “i live in an insular world”  #goodonefederalgovernment

came across this lovely porch on my door knocking afternoon with pete.  never met the person who lived there.  i imagine she had gone to spotlight for another skein? (i wonder if she knows that the flouro yellow and flouro orange is SOOOO this season??) #yarnbombedpatio


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