the world according to puggles {my family}

When five o’clock hits at our place, its chore time.  Then its homework time around the kitchen table for half an hour.*  Puggles is usually finished first, so to keep her from distracting the other two, I set her to work with some daily writing.  It’s something she loves doing, and is quite keen to have me “critique” when its finished.  Yesterday I didn’t, and here it is in raw, unedited form.  Interesting to see what she thinks of us.

My family is funny and the people in my family is Chiara and Mum and Dad and Lachlan and me.

and we sometimes go out for dinner. 

and my family is sometime noisy.

and I play the piano and Chiara does it to.

and we have sometimes people over.

and my family is nice and helpful and kind and helping me.

and chiara, Mum, Dad and Lachlan and thats my family. 

*The oldest keeps going after dinner…


4 thoughts on “the world according to puggles {my family}

  1. Beautiful! I like your routine too. We do homework right after afternoon coffee time, but I’ve often thought about trying to fit it in later on. I can see your plan working well when mine are all a bit older (we do 5pm tidy up, then showers, then reading books until dinner time).

  2. Tash, the textile lover in me can’t help but note that this would be awesome printed onto fabric (at Spoonflower) and turned into a quilt or cushion one day… Just saying…

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