Spoonflower & Rainbows

Do you know when you hear about something, about how wonderful it is,  and you just want to try it out for yourself?  Spoonflower (the American “you upload a design and we’ll print it on fabric for you”) was one of those things for me.  I had seen tea towels made of photos, tote bags and cushions made from paintings and quilts made with children’s school work. But I never got around to ordering anything of my own, until about a month ago.

I took the plunge. Uploaded a design, ordered the fabric and waited with baited breath for the parcel to arrive in the mail.   The fabric came and I was disappointed with the colours.  Not as bright as the original painting, and not happy with the effort I put in to crop the image properly.

But looking at it now,  all two American lineny yards of it – I can see potential.  Maybe some cushions for the games room?  Maybe a quilt?  Who knows.  Maybe some new library bags.

The colours aren’t too bad,  and I could fussy cut all the rectangles again.

Worth it?  Yes.  Would I do it again in a hurry? No, only unless I have something extra, extra special in mind.

“Rainbows” by Paigey  – Kindy




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