five new things…

so this week i tried a few new things. five to be exact.

1. Tim Tam Balls

Absolutely delicious, superbly easy in the Thermo and devilishly bad for the ol’ waistline. I got the recipe from here “Stay at Home Mum” and yes, they turned out looking exactly like the photo.

2. Thai Chicken Mince

This was great and ridiculously easy to make.  The recipe came from the website. Here. We had ours with rice noodles (which I always keep a few bags of in the cupboard).

3. Quiche

I have never made Quiche in my life.  Pip at Meet me at Mikes had a few posts about quiches, and I thought I must give it a go.  Pip hadn’t published her recipe when I made mine, so yet again I found mine on  Three recipes in one week from the net – quite out there for me who likes to stick to her cookbooks.  This is the recipe I used “Roast Vegetable Quiche.” And yes, it to was delicious.

4.  Sewing club

I went to our sewing club at church.  It was fun.  The women of our church crochet, knit and quilt little blankets for our local Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Perth.  I started a small humidicrib cover and I am up to quilting it.  I used all brights and it turned out gorgeous.  Having lots of UFO’s in the sewing cupboard, I was a bit daunted about starting something new,  but I realised rather quickly that there wouldn’t be any pressure attached to this project.  I can turn up when I want to, work at my pace and just enjoy the fellowship.

5. My Etsy Shop opened!

I have collected vintage buttons for a few years.  I have an assortment, and I have always wanted to start an Etsy shop to sell them.  Listening to some people, who said “don’t bother, as there are hundreds of button sellers out there” I never did it.  Until this week.  I did it.  No listening to reason,  I’m in it to have a little fun.  I  called  the shop “Florence and Sam”.  Don’t ask where the name came from as I don’t really know.  I’ve listed just five sets, but have about thirty waiting for me to list next week.

Florence and Sam 

Picture credits:

Tim Tam Balls  –

Thai Chicken Mince and Roast Vegie Quice –

Ha Ha – nice screen shot Tash!!!! :)


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