Asthma Week

This week is National Asthma Week.

Every day of our family life involves, but we try not to allow it to consume, asthma, because we have an asthma kid.

Every day medication needs to be taken,  every time we leave the house the question is asked “where’s your puffer bag?” even though both of our cars carry spares.  Every day there are side effects from medication to deal with.  Increased appetite (always, always hungry!), feelings of anxiousness, interrupted sleep and night terrors.  A new one is “fast and loud thoughts”.

Every day a close eye is kept on things that may be triggers.  Keeping her away from triggers like smoke (including cigarette smoke), viruses and pollen is really hard.

Every day we listen to breathing, listening for wheezes.  She told me the other day to get a stethoscope. Every day I annoy her with questions – did you have your puffer today at school? Are you wheezy?

So, it may be National Asthma Week for just this week, it’s something we think about daily. Every, single, day.

And we are so thankful for what the Asthma Foundation does for us.  Research into new medications and treatments.  The Asthma nurses who always come around and offer support during hospital stays.  The literature they distribute.  The fundraising they do to raise money so that they can continue their good work.  The training they offer staff at schools.

And every day we don’t have an asthma episode we are thankful.

Philippians 4:16


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