quilting again.  this time a few metres of ikea fabric bought at the op-shop many moons ago.  just going around all the squares and rectangles at the moment.  might do some hand quilting with some flouros.  maybe.  #theworstpartofquiltingisthepinning

the uggies came undone.  i was wondering what the draft was. #shallimendthemorshallithrowthem

some of the heaviest rain i have seen in a long time.  #godisgood

made nutella and banana bread minus the nutella for book club this week. find the recipe here. #willmakewithnutellasoon

it was monday morning and there were pigtails and a cheezy sort of grin. #pigtailsneverhappenonamondaymorning

keeks and bundy on sunday night. #waytoocomfortableinside


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