It’s Friday and I am…

spending way too much time researching community gardens on the net.

enjoying the time spent behind the machine. quilting geometric designs onto my ikea quilt. although my shoulders are telling me that i’m getting old.

thankful that playgroup went so well today.  many moments of laughter, tears and godly encouragement.

looking forward to having breakfast with the family tomorrow morning.  a belated fathers-day do.

thinking about what we should have for dinner.  needs to be something easy and quick. maybe toasties?

wondering if that smell in my study is a dead mouse….. and hoping that if it is, it’s not behind the bookcase that will be impossible to move.

excited that it’s going to be gardening weather tomorrow.  can’t see the plants for the weeds at the moment.

love browsing this blog now and then.  it has an amazing blog roll on the side bar. most of them are in dutch and google does the amazing translate thing, although i do have romantic notions of being able to read dutch kind of competently.

 admiring all the pins pip from meet me at mikes pins every day on pinterest.  today was eleven watercolour projects and kitsch kitchens.  drool.

have a lovely weekend.



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