Love Where You Live {Ellis Brook}

Tucked in the foothills, just behind Gosnells, is a well kept secret.  Ellis Brook Reserve and the Sixty Foot Falls.  Over the weekend we headed there to have a picnic lunch with the kids, and make the most of the first warm day of Spring.

Ellis Brook is part of the Banyowla Regional Park which is named after a Nyoongar elder at the time of the colonial settlement.  The name Ellis comes from the surname of the Superintendent of Mounted Police, who died from injuries sustained in the infamous Pinjarra massacre of 1834, in which Banyowla’s people were involved. 

{view over the valley to Perth. a bit hazy!}

It’s a breathtaking spot.  If you are able bodied, and don’t mind a bit of a hike, walk up to the falls and you will not be disappointed.  The last three times we have been here, the falls haven’t been running – but due to the  substantial rainfall we have had in the past few weeks, there was a good runoff. We picked a spot in the shade above the falls for lunch, which just happened to be next to the little creek that runs through the granite rock; instant  playground for the kids!  A Wedge Tailed Eagle flew overhead, and a Pink and Grey Galah sat in the tree above us keeping an eye on what we were doing.

{dam building. geography lesson number 101 for the day}

If you don’t think you would be able to make the walk, or have small children, there are the Blue Wren Ramble and Echidna Walks.  The Echidna Walk is even wheel chair accessible.

{wedge tailed eagle}

How to get there? From Tonkin Highway turn east onto Gosnells Road East. Turn right into Pitt Road. Turn right into Hayward Road. Turn left into Quarry Road. Turn left into Rushton Road. Proceed for 1 km to Honeyeater Hollow, and a further 1km to the Valley Head car park.

What to take? Water, sunscreen, insect repellant, camera, hat, sturdy walking shoes.

Extras: Toilets, covered tables, chairs and  gas barbecues  at Honey Eater Hollow.  At this time of year, make sure you keep an eye out for orchids.

More info: For more info about Ellis Brook, have a look here.

What hidden treasures do you have in your backyard?


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