The Lil Journal Project

This past week, I have followed along with lil blue boo (aka, Ashley Hackshaw) and her “Lil Journal Project”.

{write a paragraph in your non-dominant hand, then draw a pencil and colour}

With prompts every day, you have to think outside the square and try some new writing or drawing styles.

{fill a page with varying handwriting styles.

big, small, printing, writing, curly, capitals… you get the picture}

For someone who has been booed at  by a classroom of year ones for trying to draw a cow, this is definitely out of my comfort zone.  But with a new copic pen and art journal, I feel I could conquer the world…. well, maybe just my small, eency weency little corner of the world street.

{draw the first classroom you were in that you can remember clearly.

write memories alongside sketch and colour}

Want a challenge? Or been told to put your feet up and rest – YES, you know I am talking to you..  Follow along too!

{draw, scribble, paint colour samples on a page and think of descriptive names.  yes. “lettuce leaf” and “ombre”???? – snoresville.  it was the end of a long day}



2 thoughts on “The Lil Journal Project

    • It is a lot of fun, and doesn’t matter if it’s not real polished, that’s the whole idea. I think it would be great as a present – give a journal, pen, watercolours (I have a travel size) and cards with all the prompts. hmmm… I know someone who is going on a holiday of a lifetime. do we do travel presents?

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