It’s Friday and I am…

{one of my gorgeous Grevillea olivacea, or Olive Grevillea in the back yard)

tired but grateful for a productive week.

looking forward to a lazy saturday morning.

thinking about what i can make with the heather bailey fabric that came in the mail.

overjoyed that the fabric came with a free pattern from toni.  i love generous people.

regretting that i haven’t blogged about a little card and gift that came in the mail – will do next week.

thinking that i should start reading the next chapter for book club on monday morning.

grateful for the phone call this week with my darling sister in law.  yacked all the way from balcatta to canning vale.  sorry jamesy for stealing your mum…

have a wonderful weekend.


ps.  don’t forget about the 100 post giveaway here.

and now…. some inspiration for the weekend. grab a tissue now.

if you have a heart you will cry.  good, happy tears.

The Story of Ian & Larissa from Desiring God on Vimeo.


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