So, I had a list of things to do today…

{my “Big Red” Geranium}

I make lists all the time.  I even make lists of things I have already done, so that I can tick them off – makes me feel like I am actually achieving something.  Today my list looked something like this:

  1. Clean up the garage
  2. Make some organic pest oil for my little seedlings that are being ravaged by cabbage moths
  3. Clean the floors
  4. Tidy the house for a meeting here tonight  (we are studying this course at the moment)
  5. Make a birthday cake for one of tonight’s attendees.  Yes, A+ for dedication!

Instead, I have done none of the aforementioned list.  But I have

  1. Dropped someone off at church for a club meeting
  2. Told a few people there that I would be going home and not staying so that I get some housework done
  3. Ended up staying for a bible study about Sisters Helping Sisters.
  4. Went home with a heart full of wisdom and a name of my new secret sister.
  5. “Pruned” some proteas off my mum’s lovely bush to make my house look pretty.
  6. Procrastinated on the computer, looking for easy tutorials for someone who wants to sash a quilt for the first time..
  7. And now, I am writing a blog post about what I haven’t done.

Interesting.  I always feel that if I don’t get what I wanted done on my list, and still do a lot in my day, it’s ok.   Now I will go back to my list.

Do you stick to lists?

❃❃❃ ❃❃❃ ❃❃❃ ❃❃❃

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4 thoughts on “So, I had a list of things to do today…

    • :)
      I didn’t find one though! – But I did find some note that I will pass onto you next week. My house is clean now – amazing what you can do in half an hour at warp speed! Well done on the sewing btw! Proud of you :)

  1. Well, I like to think I stick to lists, but I’m not very good at it either! Too easily distracted! And sometimes there are things that need doing that just appear before my eyes that AREN’T on the list, so do I do them? Or ignore them because I haven’t planned to do them? Oh it’s a quandary, enough to make me NOT keep a list, but rather just let the day unfold and what I get done, I get done. I do miss lists though, when I worked I was a list-master, with colour-coded high-lighters too! That bible study sounds wonderful, maybe that was really what you needed for today. xo

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