It’s Friday and I am..

Thankful that it is the last day of term. Holidays. Breathe in an out slowly. I’m sure retirement was supposed to simplify things. Maybe next term?

Delighted that the weather held out for the kids Sport’s Carnival today. So proud to see my big boy doing his thing this afternoon helping everyone and putting everyone else’s needs ahead of his. So proud of the little one who ran her heart out and didn’t pike out because of her asthma.

Grateful that I could spend the morning with a bunch of inspiring women and their adorable children at playgroup. Thankful that I can share the load with two other women who never fail to impress me with their selfless acts of kindness and compassion.  Thankful for the tears of happiness and opportunities to talk about a God who loves us.

Glad that I have enough stuff for my yearly Spring Garage Sale.  One last look through the house this arvo for unwanted, unloved and useless things. It’s such a first world problem to have heaps of “stuff”.  Oh to live the simple life.  One day I may convince the head of the house to sell up and buy a farm somewhere.  hmmm..not likely.

Proud that I have wise women in my life who can tell me to get a grip when I expect unrealistic things from people.

Looking forward to Sunday where we can celebrate another family birthday and go to God’s House.

Leaving you with this… one of my favourite songs of all time.  Going to watch/hear/ sing along with Stuart Townend in a few weeks right here in Perth.  Can’t wait!


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