decluttered the study/library. sorted the books, took this photo to remind me when i’m at the opshop of what titles i have. #loveclassicswillreadlittlewomenagainthisholiday

goats cheese and balsamic salad for lunch #ifyouhaventtriedgoatscheesegiveitago

bought this at a garage sale for $1. still mourning the loss of my gaia scents warmer. #butihavebookedapartylitepartytoreplaceit

lach made waffles one day after school. yum! #theregoesthediet

had a family outing to the spud shed one night last week. #shewascoldcanyoutell

warm public holiday. the sprinkler hose made it’s first appearance.  #happybirthdayqueenlizzie

thanks mr schweppes for this on the side of a carton of lemonade. #lemonsherbetsarethebest #sheissonotscary

mega strawberry. #someonesusingtoomanyfertilizers

I’m doing the October Photo a Day challenge (along with heaps of my instagrammy friends..)

from Chantelle at fatmumslim.

If you are an instagrammer – you might be interested in this:

Blurb book giveaway from iHeart Organising.

If you are in Perth, and you’re a mama of school kids – enjoy your first REAL day of school holidays.


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