It’s Friday and I am..

Thankful to be able to celebrate our wedding anniversary  today. Sixteen years ago I married my best friend. Sounds corny, but it’s true. Best friends are the ones who look beyond the imperfections and accept you for who you are.

Looking forward to the second week of school holidays. This week was bliss. For three days my car stood in the driveway unmoved. There were things to do and places to see, but we just hung around home, did housework together, created things, baked things. Chilled.

Really liking these three things I came across in my journey through blogland this week.

1. After the Deadline

Editor for any written/typed work. I find it works better than my WordPress editor. I usually copy and paste my blog material into Word and edit it there, but doing it straight on the web is easier.

2. This blog. A-mazing

Adriel Booker and the Mommyhood Memos. Adriel has another family blog which is pretty fantastic as well.  That’s here.

3. This post from Social Media Today

All about blogging… some good ideas there!

And I found this over on Pinterest.

Printable lunch box notes for teenagers.

Oh, and I’ve created a Facebook Page that will automatically update for those who would prefer to follow along from there.  You can find it here.  You can also follow my instagram account by clicking on the photos in the sidebar.  Over here somewhere ➽



6 thoughts on “It’s Friday and I am..

  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
    Just had a look at Adriel’s blog. WOW! If you have time would you please be able to give me a quick rundown on how you link other blogs onto yours. Like when I clicked on This Blog Amazing and it took me to Adriel’s blog. Thanks.

    • Hi Rachel! Thanks! To hyperlink is really easy (once you know!) If you want too link to just the whole blog (like I did with Adriel’s) open up the current page of the blog. If you want to link to a specific post, open the post up in a new page (by clicking on the title). Go to your browser address bar and copy the text that is in there. That is your URL for the particular post/blog. Have your new post box open.. and then type a heading for your hyperlink (like mine was “This blog. A-mazing”) Select that text and then go to your tool bar (above your post box) and there is two little boxes – one that looks like a chain (that’s the create hyperlink tool) and another that looks like a chain being broken (that’s the un-hyperlink tool) CLick on the create hyperlink and a little box should show up that says “insert/edit link”. Paste the URL of the post/blog into the box. You may need to delete the http://, otherwise there will be two sets.. Your hyperlink should now be active. I often try my hyperlinks when I preview my post before scheduling or publishing. Hope this helps – otherwise look here..

    • thanks Ruth! Yes, we do – as Rob said in a reply to a text message I sent him this morning “the usual anniversary dinner with the kids?” It’s nice to go out with them, but even nicer to have them there as well!

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