It’s a camping life {Kalbarri Kids}

Back from eight days away camping. Phew. Now is the hardest bit – all that washing! Every time we go, I always say “Cut down on the clothes, we take too much.” Yeah, well. Remind me again next time. Please!

After uploading eight hundred photos, I have decided that only a select few will make it here, over the next few days. Today it’s the kids.

And, without any further ado;  here are my camping ferals.  Some happy to pose and smile at the camera.  Some not so happy.

Camp set up – time to catch up on some reading

 Don’t ask me.

On Chinaman’s Beach at sunset

Jakes (or Jacques) Point at sunset.  Silhouette of Keeks

Water babes

Spot of lazing on the board @ Chinaman’s

Lach giving directions to Keeks on the yak.

He probably asked for it…

Walk down to Eagle Gorge

Chiara’s Wobbegong – letting it go.

Build it and they will come?  This sand spa took all day to build…. then the tide went out.

Shell girl

Three ferals, after a long day sand spa building and fishing at Eagle Gorge.

What’ya looking at?


Stay tuned…


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