{My new cushion from Fabulous Vintage}

A little while ago, I entered a blog giveaway from Bridget @ Fabulous Vintage.

A few weeks later and guess who is now the new owner of a fabulous, vintage (could you see that one coming?) Sanderson “Rhea” cushion? Yep. Moi.

After picking it up from the post office, the kids may or may not have thought I was a little crazy when I hopped in the car, ripped open the parcel, first oohed at the wrapping (vintage deliciousness) , then verbally admired the fantastic workmanship (especially the zip and the piping) and I then I may or  may not have stroked the cover for about a minute, ignoring their pleas to get home and have a snack.   It is just as Bridget says “The fabric is a wonderful satinised cotton”.

Don’t know where I will put it yet.  It may go in the study/library.  Or maybe not.

But for now, please excuse me while I go stroke my gorgeous cushion.

Head over to Bridget’s blog for more Fabulous Vintage material finds and handcrafted delights.


3 thoughts on “{My new cushion from Fabulous Vintage}

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