It’s Friday and I am..

{getting the camera settings off auto and enjoying experimenting. “the row boat”}

excited that it’s already almost the weekend.

so thankful that we were able to holiday and return home safe. So many stories of people dying on our roads lately. This one in Perth today is so sad.

absolutely delighted that I am another year closer to 40. ahem. not. Suggested to another 37 year old mummy blogger that we should do a 40 under 40? It was nice to have just uninterrupted time with the family as I celebrated my birthday up north – fishing for bream by the side of the Murchison. Nice to now look forward to catching up with the extended family. (Yes, put that in there to keep them all happy)

inspired to listen to more good music after going to see Stuart Townend last night with Keeks. I love that she loves this style of music.

taking it slowly today as the little one is having an “asthma day”. We’ve already had to do “tea” outside and now she’s watching a dvd. Pancakes have been ordered for lunch. Maybe all she needed was a mum day?

looking forward to church on Sunday. Listened to this sermon while we were away by Mark Gibson. Our Identity as Believers.


One thought on “It’s Friday and I am..

  1. Never listened to Stuart Townend – but just listened to the link you put up – he sounds awesome – would have been a great concert :) Enjoy the rest of your week – Love reading your blog by the way – Erica xx

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