snap it {fresh}

the best bit of coming home from a holiday is seeing how much your garden changes.  well, that’s my best bit anyway!

at the moment we are enjoying a bounteous crop of fresh cos lettuce, and cherry tomatoes. the herbs are growing like weeds and for the first time my sage looks like it may flower.

the down side is that a few of my cucumber plants were eaten to oblivion and only one survived.  the brocollini went straight to seed, and even though i could have left them in and harvested the seed, i ripped them out as the sight of them just annoyed me.  brocollini is something that i have never had success with and i don’t think i’ll try to grow them again.

this week we have planted a new crop of fennel, english spinach, new oregano and chives as well as a curry plant, which i have always wanted to try.  the garden has had a top up of mushroom compost so things should keep chugging along nicely.

do you have a vege/herb garden?  what do you have success with?  anything that you have tried and won’t again?

linking up with faith, hope and a wholelotta love’s snap it challenge.


3 thoughts on “snap it {fresh}

  1. The day after we planted zucchini and lebonese cucumber they were gone!! No evidence of how they vanished or by who! So we planted some more and so far, so good! Hhhhmmmm…….

  2. SO fresh! I love looking at my garden each morning and seeing if there’s been any changes!
    And yes! I’m a Rocko girl (well, I didn’t grow up here but we built a house in Shoalwater and now in Safety Bay). I really love the place – what a small world! It’s nice to find other west aussie bloggy girls :) I’ll have to come find you on instagram too!

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