My Creative Space {my creative space & lists}

This week has been blah, and with a week like this, it’s good to be distracted by something.

Right now I am thinking about being creative.  With a plan and daily prompts.

I saw this idea on Kidspot a few weeks ago.  Kirsty from Kootoyoo has come up with a whole month of prompts to be creative.  The first one – where it all begins… your creative space.

Day One Prompt: Your Creative Space

When we first moved into this house, I had a spare room.  That spare room was also the guest room/sewing room/storage room.  Quilting happened, I made the kids all their pjs, Chiara had new dresses every season.   Paigey came along and so no more guest room/sewing room/storage room.  The sewing slowed down to an almost halt. The odd library bag for nieces and nephews.  The odd spurt of creative energy.

{My creative space. Where Bernina and Apple meet}

Also while the kids were little, the games room was the games room (duh!).  Full of toys, books and messiness.  As they have grown up, and don’t need a designated play area anymore, I have been able to take over the games room; which is now called the study/library/sewing room.  It still houses all the kids books, DVD’s, our collection library and a couch.  But it also is home to my quilting material stash and sewing needs along with my beloved i-Mac,  my sewing machine and my overlocker.

“My room” has evolved into a little creative haven in the house.  I still have the kid’s pin-up board which they are in charge of – they decide what goes on, what goes in the bin and what goes into their memory boxes.  I love this room best at night.  A string of lights from Typo, a tall floor lamp and light coming from the lamps outside makes it a  calm little haven after a long day.  After dinner, or if there is a spare moment before dinner, the kids often end up reading on the couch, or do their homework on the floor when I am on the computer or at the sewing machine.

I love my little mood board, it is full of memories.  Photos of the kids.  Special cards.  A poem from a friend who died a few years ago which reminds me of the value of friendship. Scraps of lace and ric-rac, my little Lego torch man.  It’s an eclectic mix which I often try to cull, but the old faithfuls end up being pinned over and over.

{Moody board.  Cleaned up this week. Won’t be long before it gets all crowded again}

All my sewing bits and pieces are stored in an old kitchen hutch which Rob and I bought of Gumtree,  lobbed the top off and repainted white.  It originally was in Paige’s room, to store all her treasures, but now it serves an even better purpose in the study – well, that’s what I tell her. I try to keep everything in clear containers – they aren’t labelled as I have done that in the past, but realised how over the top that was – I know what is in each of those containers!

{Ze Hutch. Found on Gumtree for $50 all blue and battered. Does it’s job just fine now.. the top is home to my mending, my current hand stitching WIP and my craft circle bag..}

{The sewing bits and bobs.  Fortunate to inherit a whole box full of lace, ribbon, zips and buttons from a neighbour which has kept me supplied for years}

Most of my quilting material stash is kept in an Ikea Billy bookcase – all sorted into colour groups.  All other material like stretch, drill, wadding etc are kept in lidded storage crates in the bottom of my linen cupboard.

{Pinky tones..}

Any way, enough of the creative space.  Let’s get on with prompt numero dos.

Day Two Prompt: Lists

I live by lists.  Lists on my phone, lists on the computer. Lists on the fridge, lists on the bench next to the fridge. Lists for birthdays and meetings I need to remember. Shopping lists.  Book lists. Wish lists.  I have a diary, a planner and calendars. Do they all keep me organised?   Yes. Definitely.   Do I still forget things? Yes, I do. But not often.  The times I do are usually the times when I think someone else is in charge of remembering.  Like Rob…. or one of the kids.

I don’t have lists for the creative things in my life.  I have that list in my mind – hidden.  A place where no one can see all the UFO’s and WIP’s.  A place where I can neatly tick off and re-prioritise the projects.

{lists currently on my desk.  Kikki K monthly planner, post it notes, lil blue boo journal prompts, family planner/diary from Milestone Press}

My Creative Space: This Week

{Spray painted pine cones.  Magenta Gloss. Yum}

{Personalised towel for Delly.  Appliqued “A” and bright red ric rac for a big 5 year old}

{Polymer clay beads. Not anything new in bloggy land – but a lot of fun and quick.. I used Sculpey from Spotlight}

{finally finished my screen-printed cushion. Appliqued branch, denim back with vintage brown buttons. One WIP down….. how many to go?}

also doing #amonthof #mycreative space




2 thoughts on “My Creative Space {my creative space & lists}

  1. oh to one day have an organised craft nook… love the screen printed owl cushion. just too cute! love reading your posts too and hope you’re back on the mend too, Tash.

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