you won’t find any hessian ideas here… yet

so a while ago I wrote a post about some hessian sacks a friend gave to me.  you can read that gripping post here.

since then, every single day, on my search engine terms stats tables (that’s blogger speak for what google search items get your readers to your blog…) the recurring theme is those hessian sacks.

a lot of people out there wanting to know what to do with their sacks.

poor them.  those sacks are still in a box in my garage.

i’m still thinking about what awesome martha stewardy type things i can do with them.  oh, go the pencil. i would.

also, sorry i haven’t been able to help with this..

and hopefully you can work this one out without me… (the candles one..)

ok, enough making fun. the day i do something with my sacks, there will undoubtedly be a post. hessian sack related. to add to the odds of hessian sack related search engine hits on this blog.

hope you had a great monday.


6 thoughts on “you won’t find any hessian ideas here… yet

  1. Oh dear, I think I just snorted from laughter :-) I often hope those people aren’t too disappointed when they reach my blog through random google searches. My favourite from this week is ‘weetbix in milk’…hmmmm whatever floats your boat ;-)

    • I find it hilarious some of the things people are searching for and then end up on my blog. I have tried to search for a few of them and after scrolling through twenty Google pages I have given up! I can’t get over how many pages some people go through to search for what they want. Page two is usually my limit!

  2. Yes, it’s fun to see which traffic Google sends through. My favorite is still ‘badly made cake’. As someone commented, who one earth googles ‘badly made cake’!

    • The funniest I have had is “can you buy wheelie bins at Bunnings…” The most bizarre was “I have teenagers, how can I make them do chores.”
      “Badly made cake” – which poor child got that for their birthday ? :)

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