It’s Friday and I am…

{perth skies today. whispy. glorious}

thankful that it’s Friday I love the weekend.

a little sad that Lach is going on camp without me next week.  I was supposed to go as a leader, but other things came up that made it impossible.  (small sob) Although he is quite impressed I got wraps on the menu one night.

enjoying this beautiful warm weather today.  The clouds are glorious – whispy lines throughout the sky.  Thinking about  the people who struggle with the heat though. May their airconditioners serve them well during the normally long, hot, Perth summers.

trying to finish off the quilting on a community quilt for two little babies who will be heading back to Timor soon.  It is such a work of art with multitudes of fabrics, different styles… my shoulders are aching. Why am I such a tense quilter?

going to go chill with my book right now.  Nothing worthy of reviewing here. It’s just something I randomly pulled off the shelf at the local library.  The spine looked nice.

Anyhow people – carry on with what you are doing.


{not that I am encouraging you to go out an buy them… but these beauties are available at “woolies” for $3.50 ea. ok, don’t walk. Run!! as Tania would say. sorry the pic is a bit blurry, i was probably shaking with geometric delight}


One thought on “It’s Friday and I am…

  1. Those cups are cool. I already have way too many coffee mugs in the cupboard so better not get any more! Would love to see a picture of your baby quilt when it’s finished. Shame you didn’t get to go on camp. Hope you’re feeling better.

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