My Creative Space {from above}

:: my veggie garden from above

{spearmint and mint plant. keep them in pots as they will take over your garden!}

{heirloom tomatos, cherry tomatoes taking over the beetroot and the corn.  plus I think there may be some basil plants in there somewhere.  bay tree in the blue pot which never gets to grow as I use bay leaves in heaps of recipes}

{my problem child veggie bed. see below for description}

I love my veggie gardens.  I love that we can go out side and pick fresh produce. Not shown is my veggie garden on the other side of the back yard.  It’s full of lettuce, capsicum’s fruiting, rhubarb and spinach.  I couldn’t take a photo of that garden from the ladder (yes, I did) as I knew the neighbour was home from work.  He thinks I’m weird enough as it is. Not that the golfers thought I was weird or anything.  Might have put them off their game. Oh well, all for the sake of #mycreativespace.

:: oh, our veggie gardens are all “no-dig” read about that here.

Linking up with Kootoyoo and Village Voices for #amonthof #mycreativespace 


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