My Creative Space {time savers & someone else’s creative space}

another week… another Monday… another weekend that was.

Please don’t tell me how many weeks to Christmas.  I think I was told fifty times last Friday when I did my running around. We have a countdown on the fridge, it’s not for Christmas, but for an 11th birthday. The days are going too fast. Please slow down!

Lach went off to camp this morning, so Rob is going to be seriously out-numbered by girls. It’s going to be a busy week, even with one child down. The calendar is already filling up with errands, meetings, things to remember and moments for tea!

{6am this morning. ready to go off to camp. happy to be photographed by a pj wearing mum. photobombed by the hound}

Anyway, let’s get to the real reason we are here.  #MyCreativeSpace.

Saturday was productive.  On the cards was a quiet family afternoon, but something else came up and we were Robless for the arvo. The kids were happy to potter, so I took the opportunity to finish off the quilting on the community quilt. (I will post a photo when it’s done, and after the recipients get it)

I hadn’t quilted something so big (it’s just a bit narrower than two single bed quilts..) in a long time and had forgotten the sheer joy of feeling the fabrics merge and become “quilty”.  Quilters will know what I mean.  As you sew, it’s not just the top, wadding and backing anymore.  It kind of merges (that’s what I call it) and becomes firmer – it becomes a quilt.  That feeling spurred me on to get it done,  and I did!

:: time savers

Another thing I managed to complete was a baby present : a taggy toy for a little baby from church who was baptised yesterday.  And, as I knew I still had some other baby presents to make, and to save time, I cut three out at the same time.  Now they only need to be sewn together.  Easy peasy!

Some other time savers I also recommend (on the crafty side of things) is to:

:: buy good quality first time.  If you can afford it, buy good quality sewing tools ie scissors, rulers, thread, rotary cutters, even pins!  Try not to be steered towards the cheap and cheerful.  And if you can’t afford it now, try to wait till you can.  You’ll enjoy sewing so much more with good tools.

:: have a dedicated place for all your sewing needs.  Before I had the “games room” as my creative space, I used a whole shelf in my linen cupboard.

:: don’t wait for everything to be perfect in your house before you get creative.  Be realistic – especially with little kids, it’s never going to happen if you wait for that glorious moment. Seize the day (or the night) put some time aside just for you to do something you are passionate about (knitting, crocheting  quilting, sewing, scrapbooking (did I type that??)) – it’s not being selfish, it’s very healthy!

:: someone else’s creative space

{keeks, our resident artist. takes after her oma with her love of drawing.  this is an octopus drawing she is doing for art and is filling in the background with abstract filler}

{have always tried to encourage the kids to be arty when they like. when they were younger the art caddy in the linen cupboard held all their weapons of mass destruction  but now the textas stay on the dining room table, or the living room table in a big glass bowl. even visitors are known to dabble in a bit of art over a cuppa or a wine…} 


:: from above.  hmm… do I need a ladder?


3 thoughts on “My Creative Space {time savers & someone else’s creative space}

  1. Love your crafty advice :) and without even reading your post I set some time aside to quilt Zane’s quilt (although its not perfect but hey I am still a beginner :))…

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