My Creative Space {risk and greatest hero}

:: risk

With a ten-dollar gift voucher in hand, and walking into my all time favourite shop  would I be able to leave without spending any extra and with what I came for?  That was risky; with all that lovely, shiny, bright kitchen utensils and equipment which would look so wonderful in my house..  What did I need to buy? Just one thing – a bird shaped cookie cutter for some Sculpey craftiness.    Ten minutes and $9.60 later, I left the store, with a dove cookie cutter, a cross cookie cutter and muffin cases.  Little pat on back for Tash…

{kitchen warehouse… glad it’s a twenty minute drive and not just around the corner}

:: greatest hero

My heros and those who inspire me, are the people in my life who have overcome illness and adversity, who rise above what physical or mental disability, mental illness and circumstantial calamity (that’s a Tim Kellerism..) has been allotted them in this life. Those who see God’s hand in all that they have to bear. Those who with contentment, do not complain or grumble about the small things and who can see clearly the bigger plan, the bigger picture and use their gifts and talents to better their lives and of those around them.  Deep, I know..

And secretly, just between you and me; one of my biggest heros is my ma…

{after school made even better with a spot of afternoon tea and checkers with Oma… who I know loves photos just as much as me, so here’s her arm..}

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