that time {just before dinner}

{admire the roses from the garden and light the kitchen candles}

{another candle on}

{piano practice done and dusted}

{pjs on..that should have gone in the wash..

and time for some more play outside while we wait for dad}

{add water to the mix and roll your pj pants up so they don’t get too wet}

{play and pretend you are filtering all the bugs out of the water}

{give the hound some love}

{and some rough and tumble}

{admire the blossom laden apple tree which promises more than the two apples from last year}

{inspect the recently planted herbs and talk to them quietly so your children don’t think you are strange}

What’s your favourite time of day? 

Do you wind down just before dinner?


5 thoughts on “that time {just before dinner}

  1. Love this time of day too – when there isn’t mayhem. Especially with the afternoons staying warmer, a end of day cup of tea outside to share the days events with hubby, watch the kids burn off their last bit of energy in their jammies, and enjoy the scrumptious aroumas wafting from the kitchen.

  2. I always intend for my before-dinner time to look like this. The reality is usually a little more chaotic. This will be a nice post to look back on sometime in the future!

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