they grow up and it becomes different

Lately I have posted photos of things I do with my kids. Like these photos of what it’s like around here, just before dinner.   Via email and in person,  I have had feedback like “I wish this was my life”, “I could never do that with my kids and stay sane.”  Just wait one small teeny tiny moment….

{april 2006 my brown-eyed munchkins :: photo credit the amazing rob :)}

Even though we have been totally blessed with very easy children, life hasn’t always been like this.  My life WAS filled with making bottles, cleaning bums, washing clothes, rocking babies back to sleep, not being able to go out because of toilet training, waking at night with children teething… the list can go on and on.

It DOES become different.  They WILL and they DO grow up.  Thankfully.

Now I get a cup of tea made when the kids come home from school.  They choose their snacks, they dress themselves, make their own breakfast, they help with the chores and do them well.


as they grow up, you have different challenges to deal with.  Friends. Teachers. Homework. Back chatting.  Peer Pressure. Friends. School. Zits. Friends. (I know, I’m repeating myself..) that little thing called Hormones. Freaky moments discussing THAT boy.  The Internet. Email. Friends.

When they are little, it’s a physical tiredness.  When they grow up, it’s an emotional tiredness.

You worry. You pray. You stress. You catch yourself sighing for no apparent reason.  You want to lock them up till they are 25 so they don’t have to go through all the crappy things you went through as a teenager. You want to protect them from all the bitchy girls and all the boys who you know are little slime-balls.  You want to finish all their homework just right, so that they get that feeling of success. You want to wipe away every tear and rock them to sleep at night when they can’t sleep because of something that’s making them sad and they can’t tell you what it is.

{october 2011 :: growing up too fast. photo credit: the amazing kel}

All you mums with teeny tiny ones:: Make sure they know you love them for who they are.  Tell them so. Tell your boys they will make great men one day, and your girls great women.  Tell them that they are always welcome to have private chats on your bed.  Tell them that nothing will shock you, tell them you will keep their secrets.  Make them responsible members of your small community at home by doing chores.  Encourage them to seek out what they are good at, not to make excuses and give everything a go.  Tell them they have a heavenly Father who hears all their prayers.

When they become teenagers:: Tell them this time will soon be over.  They will look back and remember all the good stuff about high school and forget most of the crappy stuff.  Tell them that the zits won’t last forever and one day looks won’t matter so much. Don’t finish off the homework and make everything perfect at school for them.  That’s not life. Protect them from the Internet.  DO peer over their shoulder, know their email passwords and tell them that it’s because you love them that you will check up on them.  Remind them to pray and encourage them to have personal devotion time.

Above all:: Pray daily for your children.  Pray that they become outstanding adults that will fear and love the Lord.  Pray for your friends and family who also have children.  Pray that God will give you a gentle heart when it comes to your kids and a forgiving spirit also when they DO do the things that disappoint you.

You may see some nice, edited snapshots of what life is like around here, but remember: This blog is what I want to share.  Like any other blog, it’s not every little detail of our life.  Far from it.  Savour those busy, tiring moments.  Savour the days you have to do everything for your children. Don’t let yourself become jealous of someone else’s life.  Someone who is probably a lot older, has more wrinkles, more stretch marks, and more grey hairs.  xx

Teach your children to choose the right path,

and when they are older, they will remain upon it.

Proverbs 22:6


4 thoughts on “they grow up and it becomes different

  1. too true, thanks for the reminders Tash :) all too often we get lost in the endless nappy changing, the struggles of teaching a toddler how to act and be nice and LISTEN, attempting to connect with your husband and family and friends like you used to, when you could drop everything, anytime, etc etc.

  2. Beautiful post Tash! We’ve just started experiencing a few of the challenges that ‘older’ kids have recently, and they certainly keep you up at night a lot more than the ‘younger’ issues! That probably makes no sense, but I’m sure you understand ;-)

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