{I made it myself & grateful for craft classes}

yep, multitasking here. combining two posts.

otherwise you will truly think I am nuts and spend all my time at this computer.

My Creative Space :: I made it myself

{three quilts I have made the kids. three totally different styles.  all well-loved}

Grateful for craft classes :: ceramics, mosaics and quilting

I am grateful that I have a husband who loves to get out and do things. Sailing, golf, other team sports.  I am grateful that he has always encouraged me to get out and do somethings just for me.

First it was ceramics – back in the day when ceramics were cool. Yes, last century some time. I learnt how to glaze, sgraffito and paint properly with the right brushes.  I painted pots, plates, and one terrible little bear for a little boy who isn’t so little anymore.  I hope that bear has perished with one swift flick off the shelf and shattered into so many pieces that it wouldn’t be worth super-gluing back together.  I don’t have any of my ceramic pieces any more.  The really nice pieces broke, and the really awful pieces went to the op-shop.  I learned to work with ceramics after Chiara was born.

Then it was mosaics. A twelve week course, way back when mosaics were REALLY cool.  I learned how to design a design….did I just type that? I learned how to cut tiles and glass the right way.  I learned how to grout and polish.  The result? A great little out-door table that we still use today.  I also made an outdoor dining table, which has since been thrown out, mosaiced (not a word..) around the pizza oven and done multiple pots and stepping-stones with the kids.  I learned to mosaic after Lachlan was born.

{close up of our little mosaic table. it needs another grouting}

Then I learned how to quilt and sew. With the most patient person in the entire world.  First was a shockingly pink sampler for Chiara, which now is rolled up in the top of her cupboard.  Then other quilts and projects followed.  Along with about five unfinished projects hiding away in my cupboard which I will finish one day.  That was after Paige was born.

{my first quilt – a sampler for chiara. ooh, I cringe.  what was i thinking? }

I am grateful for learning these skills.  Even today, even the skills that I thought I may never use again crop up and come in handy.  I am grateful for the time out, alone where I could escape the business of the home and broaden my horizons.

Have you ever done a course at night?  If you could do a course, what one would it be?

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6 thoughts on “{I made it myself & grateful for craft classes}

  1. Love taking classes although so far I have proven myself not very good at crafts etc – I have taken pottery classes (better off the wheel than on), a sewing course (still need to add the buttons to the PJs I made) and several others. I really want to take a multi media art journaling course (and plan to in 2013!)

    I am jealous of your table – i always wanted to do a mosaic class but never did – missed the boat ; )

    Deb @ home life simplified – visiting from 52 weeks of grateful xx

  2. Aren’t you are multi-skilled crafty gal?! I love that mosiac table. I’ve never done a night course but I would absolutely love to do one, maybe in quilt making? I’d dearly love to sew a big, soft quilt for our bed, but all the cutting and matching edges perfectly scares me a little! Listen to me, I sound like a whimp. If you can do it, I could do it too right?! :)

    • ha ha, yes you can do it!
      Do it now! I was the most useless sewer in the entire world. I saw my old highschool sewing teacher a few years back, told her that I now quilt and she almost had a heart attack.
      Find a good, not too busy class, declare that you know nothing and throw yourself at their mercy. You will learn all the cutting techniques etc. It is a lot of fun. do it. i dare you.
      ps. sent you an email.. xxx

  3. being creative is fantastic and you sure have learnt lots of skills in those courses! love the quilts. currently I am doing a diploma in photography! loads of theory and great to learn how to use my DSLR and completely different to the other “hobbies” i enjoy xx

  4. I’m jealous!! I would love to take a class like that myself. Photography, silk screening and linocut are three that I’m so keen to do… I just gotta make the time. Thank you for sharing. x

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