give the gift {Journal}

{a gift I put together for a friend who had a birthday last week}  

A journalling kit.  

Included was a journal, acid free gel pens, a watercolour set and some drawing pencils.  Plus a list of journal prompts.

They included a lot of personal things that I knew about her.  To make one for a friend, you could use similar prompts to these:

write your name, date of birth and address. 

write about the first time you met your husband.

draw a job time line.

write about the day you found out you were pregnant with your first child.

draw your favourite thing with your left hand.

what is your first memory of school.

what is your favourite song.  write the lyrics without looking them up.

make a family tree. try to include grandparents place of birth, occupations.

draw your childhood neighbourhood.

write about these words. school, uni, career.

write about these words. grief, sadness, comfort.

write a letter to each of your children. do not edit. 

draw your favourite piece of jewellery.

write about your childhood friends.

write about these words. hobby, passion, love. 

the ideas are endless.

I have been doing the journal project from lil blue boo.  Ashley has plenty of prompts to inspire you if you need some more.

Make sure you write in the front of the journal as well.  Date it and sign it.

{popped into a grey gift bag from Spotlight with a

sculpey homemade decoration by me and the seven year old}




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