the girl needed a skirt asap

so the kids were in bed.  at two in the afternoon.  with strict instructions “you have a concert tonight, you need to have a nap, no talking, no moving and eyes closed.”  lots of protest ensued  but when i checked them five minutes later all i heard was snoring.

i took the opportunity to do some sewing. as the girl needed a skirt asap. for the concert. well, why not?

{cotton-on clip :: kmart tank top :: milkshake cardi :: seed sandals}

i had downloaded a directions for a pattern from Riley Blake Designs before and the girls had chosen fabric, but never gotten to make them.  things got in the way.

the pattern is quite easy, once you have read it through and have all your measurements worked out.  i loved the way the back panel of the skirt is sewn with the elastic in it, something i’d never done before.

i used the leftover material i bought at ikea and added a second, longer layer of pink dot material that i bought at the gosnells market for $5 a metre plus a big bow, which i just sewed onto the seams of the front panel.

after a few quick alterations with the overlocker to make it a little more snug around the waist when she woke up, the little chick tried it on and it was love at first twirl.

try the pattern for yourself.  it’s a keeper.


8 thoughts on “the girl needed a skirt asap

  1. Ha! When Paige walked on to the stage I thought ‘hey,that looks like the bunting!’ but then I figured you would have mentioned the skirt in the bunting post if that was the case. I wasn’t expecting it to be an afternoon-of-the-concert job – well done! She looked gorgeous.

  2. You did a great job, it’s gorgeous. Nothing like sewing under a bit of pressure to get the creative juices flowing ;-) I love that you can match almost any colour with that fabric!

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